Aspull, William 16.dec.1798-16.jan.1875 England, Manchester - London Lambeth
tenor singer, pianist, organist, 16.dec.1798 baptized at St Peter in Manchester Bolton-le-Moors, 1828-1832 with his brothers Joseph and George he made concert tours throughout Great Britain and Ireland, 1830-1836 organist of St Mary's Church and professor of singing and piano in Nottingham where he resided at St Mary's Gate, 1856 teacher piano at 4 Newman Street in London, he translated Lemoine's Harmony, Nauenburg's Vocal exercises and Rinck's Organ school, at time of death residing at Hawthorns on Clapham Road in Lambeth,
21.jan.1875 buried at Norwood Cemetery in Lambeth ; the first of 10 sons of bookkeeper and amateur violinist Thomas Aspull and Martha Hill who married 18.nov.1798 at St Peter in Bolton-le-Moors ; brother of musician Joseph (Bolton-le-Moors 19.jul.1812-) and composer George

Title Parts

[] The Kiss, dear maid. Canzonetta
words Lord Byron
pub Clementi & Co., London ?1820

[] Good bye. Canzonett
pub J. B. Cramer, Addison & Beale, London ?1825

[] The lonely harp. Canzoncina. 1837
words Miss S. Stickney

[] There's a time to weep. Canzonette. 1837
words I. M. Chalmers

[] The eastern love letter. Song. 1838
words I. Percival, music William Aspull after Carl Maria von Weber

[] Art thou not dear unto this heart. Canzoncina. Second edition
Songs for the Drawing Room
pub Wessel & Co., London 1840

[] Bird of the forest. Cavatina. ?1840
words Miss C. G. Lethbridge

[] Light of my soul. Serenade for voice and piano. 1844
words and music William Aspull

[] The first, the first. Canzonetta. 1844
words F. Brown

[] Let not my harp. Canzonetta for voice and piano. 1844
the poetry by J. W. Thirlwall

[] I think of thee in the morning. Song for voice and piano. 1845
[] Good night, good night. Serenade for voice and piano. 1846
[] Gentle waves upon the deep. Song. Voice and piano. 1846
[] The stars are gleaming. A Serenade
words W. H. Baker
pub for the Proprietor, London 1847

[] We have met and we have parted. Song. 1848
[] Souvenir d'amitie. Valse brillante pour le piano forte. 1848
[] Myrtle leaves. Song. 1849
the poetry by T.V.C.

[] On morning bright. Song. 1850
words T.V.C.

[] Wittgenstein. Mazurka pour le piano forte. 1850
[] The Wreckers, a bass song "When sinks the sun in the distant sea". 1856
words W. H. Baker

[] Thy God forgets thee not. Sacred song for voice and piano. 1857
words H. B. Courtenay

[] How timid is the trembling bird. Song for voice and piano. 1857
words P. V. G. de Montgomery

[] Bright eyes! Song for voice and piano. 1857
words from the Spanish

[] Sweet are woman's tears. Song for voice and piano. 1857
[] Our childhood's years. Song. 1858
words H. B. Courtenay

[] La Traviata, fantaisie sur l'opera de Verdi pour le piano. 1858. op32
[] The blue bells of Scotland. Piano. 1859. op37
music Mrs. Dorothy Jordan, transcribed for the pianoforte by W. Aspull

[] Come let us sing and merry be. Song. 1859
[] La Gassier. Valse de Luigi Venzano. Transcrite pour piano. 1859
[] Traviata, Parigi o cara. Piano
pub J. Williams Ltd., London 1859

[] Oberon. Fantaisie sur des motifs de C. M. von Weber. Piano
pub J. Williams Ltd., London 1860

[] The merry hunters "Tis morn". Duet. 1876
[] The merry hunters. Two-part song. 1893
[] Good-night I think of thee. Song
[] Lonely heart. Song
[] Miss Bridget Adair
words from the "Kaleidoscope"
pub Clementi & Co., London

[] Fill the goblet
pub E. Ascherberg & Co., London

writing: Treatise on practical harmony by Henry Lemoine. Translated by W. Aspull. London 1835
writing: Rinck's complete practical organ school by Christian H. Rinck. Translated from the German by J. A. Hamilton. New and enlarged edition, including a biography of its author by W. Aspull. London 1844
writing: Vocal Exercises. 20 Studies for all voices by Gustav Nauenburg. Translated and edited with remarks by W. Aspull. London 1886
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