Assadourian (Asadourian), Yacoub Tatios 12.dec.1912-?? Egypt, Cairo - ?, ?
violinist, Lebanese of armenian descent, after his marriage he emigrated to Egypt and settled in Cairo, studied music with Faoud Ist at the Egyptian Conservatory, sound director for Lebanese Broadcasting Company, BBC and Beirut Broadcasting, member of Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM) Paris, member of the Musicians Guild of Montreal Canada, 1951 decorated by the Tunisian Government, 1951 decorated by the King of Morocco, 1962 decorated by the National Conservatory Lebanon, numerous decorations from King Farouk Egypt, 1974 residing in Montreal Canada, by 1974 he had composed over 500 works ; he married Marcelle Ichkanian ; son Taissir Tatios (Cairo 1943-)

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no compositions found by Yacoub Assadourian
(details unknown). Symphonies, popular Oriental music, Operettas, Sketches
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