Assis, padre Francisco Jose de ??-c1841 Portugal, Evora - Evora
choirmaster, studied at Seminario de Evora, having received lessons from his predecessors padre Ignacio de Lima and padre Francisco Jose Perdigao, c1825 until his death shortly after 1840 choirmaster of Evora Cathedral

Title Parts

[] (details unknown). In the Se de Evora registry there are several scores by Francisco Jose de Assis
[] (details unknown). In the Bibliotheca Nacional of Lisbon there is also an insignificant alias
[rem: unclear what this exactly means, perhaps a composition of a random unknown Assis]

[] Mass. mid 19th century (in which Assis made use of the flute)
writing: O tratamento musical da flauta na missa de Francisco Jose de Assis: algumas questoes de retorica musical
- The musical treatment of the flute in the mass of Francisco Jose de Assisi: some questions of musical rhetoric

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