Aste, Francesco (Franz) Maria dalle 4.dec.1820-a1886 Italy, Roveredo - ?, ?
bass-baritone singer, also known as just Dalle Aste, 15.apr.1849-1852 bass at the Koniglich Sachsisches Hoftheater in Dresden, 8.jan.1850 he sang there in Flotow's Martha, May 1850 he performed as bass on 9 evenings at the Rigaer Theater in the roles Marcel, Jacob, Sarastro, Plunkett, Figaro (Mozart) and Bertram, 4.apr.1853 he sang in Francisco Xavier Migoni's Sampiero at Real Theatro de San Carlos in Lisbon, 19.aug.1853-1854 bass at the Wiener Hoftheater in Vienna, 11/17.oct.1854 he sang in Amsterdam, after performing throughout Europe he was in service of the grand duke of Hessen as Grossherzoglichen Kammersanger, 20.nov.1860 the grand duke of Hessen withdrew him the title of Grossherzoglichen Kammersangers, 1868 he was in Breslau Germany (now Wroclaw Poland), 1874 he sang in Karl Gotze's Gustav Wasa at the Stadttheater in Breslau, later he was teacher of singing in Konigsberg Germany (now Kaliningrad Russia)
, since 1886 teacher of singing in Berlin

Title Parts

[] In deiner stimme. Voice and piano. op12
music Aste, Dalle
words Pauli, Betti
listed as manuscript by The National Flute Association Inc., Washington DC

[] Schule der Gesangs-Technik, sowie winke und betrachtungen ueber gesang und gesanglehre
Sopran-Ausgabe hrsg. von F. M. d'Alle-Aste
pub C. Merseburger, Leipzig

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