Astier, ? f1691-f1712 France, ? - ?, ?
1691 lived in Avignon, then until 1704 as chaplain in service of cardinal Furstenberg at abbey St Germain des Pres in Paris, 1704-1712 dean in Bondesir Indre et Loire

[same as d'Astier first editor of the Archives of the Catechismes de Saint-Sulpice who died 1752 or 1753 in Bidard Pyrenees (at an age of about 80 if he is the same person), in 1752 succeeded by M. de Montgazin, under M. d'Astier the children of the grand Catechisme of the parish developed a great love for singing, it is reported that in 1753 at the communion of the month they executed 5 motets with music]

Title Parts

[] Motets a I, II, III voix avec et sans instruments et basse continue. Par M. Astier, Doyen de Bondesir et cy-devant Aumonier de S.E. Monseigneur le Cardinal de Furstemberg
dedication: Guillaume Egon Furstenberg (1629-1704)
6 Motetten die ganz unbedeutend und wenig kirchlich sind [Michel Brenet]
pub Christophe Ballard, Paris 1712
[] 1 - Beati omnes qui timent Dominum
[] 2 - Domine quid multiplicati sunt
[] 3 - In te Domine speravi
[] 4 - Regina caeli laetare
[] 5 - Super flumina Babylonis
[] 6 - Gaude caelum, Deum laudent omnia
[] Gaude caelum psalle terra. Motet
possibly included in one or both of the following publications:
- Recueil de motets choisis de differents auteurs. Premiere Annee. pub Christophe Ballard, Paris 1712
- Motets de differents auteurs. Tome II. pub Jean Baptiste Christophe Ballard, Paris 1728

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