Astol Artes, Felix 9.oct.1813-21.jan.1901 Spain Tarragona, Reus - Puerto Rico, Mayaguez
tenor singer, because of his republican political ideas he was banished from Spain and moved to Santiago de Cuba, 1842 as member of an italian opera company he went to Puerto Rico and settled in San Juan, 1848 he had joined the opera company of Bussatti, 1867 he had settled in Mayaguez

Title Parts

[] Bellisima triguena. Danza. Voice and piano. 1867
Lola Rodriguez de Tio wrote new revolutionary words to the melody in 1868
although its interpretation was forbidden, the people continued to sing it and the song became an unofficial national hymn known as "La borinquena"
Manuel Fernandez Juncos wrote new words and Braulio Dueno Colon arranged the music in 1901
this version was adopted as the official national hymn of Puerto Rico in 1952
published as La Boringuena, danza para piano, A. Vidal y Roger, Barcelona 1892

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