Astor, William Henry 4.nov.1792-15.apr.1849 England, London - USA NY, New York
1818-1826 instrument maker and music publisher in London Cornhill, 19.jul.1823 he was bankrupt at Sun Street, 3.nov.1865 the final prosecution of this bankruptcy named him as 'now deceased', 1835 he moved to the USA, New York, 1835 music teacher at 6th Avenue New York, 4.jul.1836 his uncle multi-millionaire John Jacob Astor (Germany, Walldorf 17.jul.1763-29.mar.1848 New York) made him a bequest of $10000, 19.jan.1838 changed to $500 a year, note that he died 19 days after the death of his wife... ; son of flute maker and music publisher Georg Peter Astor (Germany Walldorf 28.apr.1752-16.nov.1813 London) and Elizabeth Dorothea Wright (London Islington 3.jul.1757-28.jan.1842 London) ; 10.nov.1819 in London Islington he married Ann Kezia Hooper (died 27.mar.1849 New York City)

Title Parts

[] The Sovereign. Comic opera. London c1816
libretto W. Bygrave

[] Sweet bird approach. Canzonet with a flageolet ad lib. London c1817
[] The park rondo, for the piano forte
respectfully dedicated to John Jacob Astor, Esqr. by his nephew William Astor
pub Jollie & Millet, 385 Broadway, New York 1834

[] They tell me she's no longer fair, a favorite ballad
sung by Mr. Howard at Niblo's Garden
pub Atwill's Music Saloon, 201 Broadway, New York 1835

[] Three assembly waltzes. Piano
pub Atwill's Music Saloon, New York c1835

[] The jasmine bower. Instruments
ms University of Texas, Austin Texas

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