Astorga, Emanuele Gioacchino Cesare Rincon baron d' 20.mar.1680-21.aug.1736 Italy Sicily, Augusta - Bohemia, Raudnitz (Roudnice) monastery
 after the 1693 Sicily earthquake his family moved to Palermo where he debuted 1698 with his first opera, c1705 he left Sicily to escape his violent father, 1709-1711 he was in Barcelona and Madrid, 1712-1714 in Vienna, 1714 he returned to Palermo inheriting the family estates after the death of his father, 1717 he married the 15 year old Emanuela Guzzardi, 1721 he deserted her and left Palermo and never returned, 1723-1726 active in Lisbon Portugal and from c1732 in Bohemia

[Fetis gives born 11.dec.1681 Palermo ; Oesterreichisches Biographisches Lexicon by Bermann gives died 21.aug.1736 Raudnitz monastery, Bohemia ; a note on a manuscript in the Santini collection in Munster says he died 1757 in Madrid ; since nothing is known of him after 1732, a death in 1736 is plausible but 1757 is very unlikely]

Title Parts

Stabat Mater in c. 4 Voices, choir, strings and bc. c1707. pub Oxford 1752
Susan Gritton s, Susan Bickley m, Paul Agnew t, Peter Harvey b, choir of The Kings Consort, The Kings Consort / Robert King

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