Asuncion Flores, Jose 27.aug.1904-16.may.1972 Paraguay, Asuncion - Argentina, Buenos Aires
studied music with Felix Fernandez and Salvador Dentice, 1932-1935 he served in the Chaco War, after the war political instability ruled in Paraguay and he moved to Buenos Aires, 1949 he was awarded the National Order of Merit for his work and contributions to Paraguayan music and culture but he refused the award to protest the killing of a student that occurred in a protest against the government, because of that he was considered a traitor by the government and when Alfredo Stroessner became the president of Paraguay in 1954 he was forever forbidden to return to Paraguay

Title Parts

[] India. Guarania song
words Manuel Ortiz Guerrero
declared by the Paraguayan government as a "national song" in 1944

[] Cerro Cora. Guarania song
words Manuel Ortiz Guerrero

[] Panambi Vera. Guarania song
words Manuel Ortiz Guerrero

[] Symphony "Pyhare pyte"
[] Symphony "Nande Ru Vusu"
[] Symphony "Maria de la Paz"
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