Atfield, John f1730-13.mar.1766 England, ? - London Cornhill
organist, song composer, 13.mar.1766 buried in the parish church yard vault of St Michael Cornhill

Title Parts

[] Cupid's power restor'd. Song within compass of the german flute. London ?1735
[] Gin ere I'se in love. A Scotch song. London c1735
[] Comus Court. Song. London ?1740
words H. Howard

[] Strephon's complaint. Song for high voice and harpsichord with figured bass. London c1750
[] Man for woman. Song for voice and continuo. London c1755
[] Arise brave Britons all. Song. London 1756
words by Mr. Webb

[] 'Tis true my Celia, thou art fair. A new song
in The London Magazine 1757

[] The virgins complaint. Song for voice and continuo. c1760
[] Nancy. A new song, for high voice and harpsichord. London c1760
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