Athas, Albert 30.apr.1867-1952 England, ? - London Islington
music hall singer, 1895-1906 with his wife he formed the musical star team 'Albert Lizzie Athas and Collins' (Collins being the composer of hundreds of songs while only one song is ascribed to Athas which may even have been erroneous), he made several business trips, 20.apr.1894 arrived with his wife at Southampton from New York, 27.mar.1902 arrived with his wife and daughter at Southhampton from New York, 21.jun.1913 arrived with his wife at London from Perth Australia, 30.jun.1916 arrived with his wife at London from South Africa, 1910 residing at 21 Tufnell Park Road in London Holloway, 1936-1938 residing with his wife at 1 Crayford Road in London Islington, 1939-1952 as widowed and retired music hall artist residing at 1 Crayford Road in London Islington (remaining in the electorial registers until 1954) ; c1893 he married music hall artist Eliza 'Lizzie' (1870-1938 London Islington) ; daughter Elsie (1895-)

Title Parts

[] Sleep, pretty baby. Voice and piano
in Pazdirek erroneously ascribed to Albert, Lizzie
in Mohawk Magazine N. 43 Vol. XV
pub Francis Day & Hunter, London b1905

[] This style belongs to me. Voice and piano
written and composed by Charles Collins, sung by Albert Athas of the musical group Athas and Collins
pub Frank Howard Ltd., London 1914

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