Atherton, Charles E 18??-?? USA NY, ?Poughkeepsie - ?, ?
singer, probably of Poughkeepsie because 'all his friends in Poughkeepsie knew Charley Atherton as a fine singer there', 1858 he published music as G. B. Demarest & Charles E. Atherton on 409 Broadway New York

[? C. E. Atherton 1885 as salesman residing at 31 Hooker Avenue in Poughkeepsie and 1887 just referred to as 'skipped by the light of the moon' ]

[he cannot be identified with Charles E Atherton, 1856-1857 agent for piano manufacturer William Miller at East 21st Street with salesrooms at 463 Broadway New York, by 1860 independent piano maker himself at 75 22d Street in New York and his pianos were praised by many artists and buyers as being the finest and most superior of the time]

Title Parts

[] The lament of the Irish emigrant, a ballad
dedication : To Mrs. Isaac McGaw, of New-York
music William R. Dempster and Charles E. Atherton
poetry by the Hon. Mrs. Price Blackwood
copyright George P. Reed c1843
pub Russell & Fuller, Boston 1858

[] I hardly think I will. Comic ballad. Voice and piano
pub Stephen T. Gordon, New York 1858

[] Kitty Wells. Song and chorus with piano
dedication : To L. P. Goulland, Esq.
copyright G. B. Demarest 1858
pub Stephen T. Gordon, New York 1861
"The only correct and authorized edition as sung by the Minstrel Troupes throughout the country"

[] How sweet it is to meet again. Quartette. Air, alto, tenor, bass and piano
words John C. Baker
pub G. B. Demarest & Charles E. Atherton, 409 Broadway, New York 5jun1858
pub Stephen T. Gordon, New York 1859

[] Silver waves are sighing. Serenade. Song
words George Cooper
pub Wm. A. Pond & Co., New York 1867

[] Rover's good night. Quartette
pub Wm. A. Pond & Co., New York 1867

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