Atherton, Franklin 'Frank' Peabody 24.jan.1868-16.jun.1911 USA Illinois, Virden - Pennsylvania, State College
pianist, violinist, conductor, 1870 residing with his parents in New Brunswick New Jersey, 1880 residing with his parents in Franklin New Jersey where his father was professor at Rutgers University, 1892 piano tuner in Meadville Pennsylvania, 3.may.1895 he conducted the first concert of the newly organized Detroit Orchestra at Arion Hall, 30.jan.1896 still conducting this orchestra, 10.jun.1896 enlisted in Harrisburg Pennsylvania he served as bandmaster in the 21 Infantry stationed at Plattsburgh NY, 7.jan.1899 discharged without rank (private) with an average rating 'good', 1900 as music teacher residing with his wife at 208 South Main Street in Rockford Illinois, 1900-1901 conductor of the Capital Theatre Orchestra in Frankfort Kentucky, 1902 organizer/bandmaster of the Hanover City Band Pennsylvania, 1904 teacher piano, organ, violin, band and orchestral instruments and director of the Greater Fairmont Band and Grand Opera House orchestra in Fairmont West Virginia, 1905 he worked for Oliver Yohn & Co. in New York City, 1910 as teacher and master of music residing with his wife at 6312 East 65th Street in Cleveland Ohio, 1911 residing in State College with a second home at 5119 Catharine Street in Philadelphia where he was active as musician, he died aged 43 from a sudden hemorrhage of the lungs in Philadelphia Morton while residing in State College ; son of president of Pennsylvania State College Dr. George Washington Atherton (Massachusetts, Boxford 20.jun.1837-24.jul.1906 State College) and Frances Wright Darusmont Washburn (Massachusetts, Plympton 28.may.1836-8.jul.1913 State College) ; 1.mar.1897 at St Patrick's Church in Lockport NY he married musician Agnes M Feeney (Lockport may.1870-)

[in Rehrig/Bierley 1991 and 1996 erroneously named Francis]

Title Parts

[] Mazourka di ballet. Piano. op151
pub T. Presser Co., Philadelphia 1908

[] The candidate. March. Dance orchestra. op164
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1908

[] Extension studies for small hands, for the pianoforte. op166
pub Theodore Presser, Philadelphia 1909

[] Springtime. Novelette. Piano. op175
pub O. Ditson Co., Boston 1909

[] Morris dance. Piano four hands. op195
pub T. Presser Co., Philadelphia 1910

[] Three trios for violin, cello and piano. op200
pub Carl Fischer, New York 1911
[] 1 - Romanza (with clarinet ad libitum)
[] 2 - Elegie and Consolation
[] 3 - Serenade d'amour (with clarinet ad libitum)
[] Constantinople. Turkish march. Piano four hands. op212
pub T. Presser Co., Philadelphia 1910

[] Singing waters. Arabesque. Piano. op214
pub T. Presser Co., Philadelphia 1912

[] Daughters of Spain. Characteristic dance. Piano four hands. op218
pub T. Presser Co., Philadelphia 1911

[] Chamber of commerce. March two step
"played by all prominent bands and orchestras"
pub Detroit Music Company, Detroit 1895

[] Southern breezes. Overture. Wind band
pub J. W. York & Sons, Grand Rapids Michigan 1902

[] Carita. Danse espagnole. Violin and piano
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1907

[] Characteristic sketches. Orchestra
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1909
[] 1 - Wandering
[] 2 - Entreaty
[] 3 - Contentment
[] International review. March. Wind band
pub Orpath Music Co., Cleveland Ohio 1910

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