Atkin, Angelo Fremont 21.jan.1857-8.oct.1943 Ohio, Harpersfield - Wood County, Bowling Green
pianist, 1879-1882 studied at the Conservatory of Music in Oberlin Ohio, 1885 residing in Ada Hardin County, 1889 BM in piano and harmony from Ohio Northern University in Ada, 1892 teacher at Fayette Normal School Ohio, 1900-1910 music teacher in Weston Wood County, 1910 music teacher rooming in Wauseon Ohio, 1920 piano seller in Plain Wood County, 1930 piano tuner in Bowling Green ; son of lawyer Levi Atkin (Harpersfield 12.nov.1821-28.dec.1862 Kentucky, Glasgow in Civil War service) and Persis Amanda Clarke (Vermont, Lunenburg 5.apr.1834-19.mar.1873 Ohio, Sullivan) ; 10.sep.1885 in Ada he married Elizabeth Pauline Saner (Ohio, Allen County 1869-10.dec.1886 Ohio, Dunkirk), son Paul Levi (Dunkirk 4.dec.1886-22.jun.1957 Bowling Green) ; 8.jun.1892 in Wauseon he married Clara Ellen Hubbard (Michigan, Waldron 1862-17.sep.1924 California, Tulare), divorced ; 18.feb.1917 in Bowling Green he married piano teacher Grace Legalley (Plain 17.feb.1877-15.nov.1967 Bowling Green)

Title Parts

[] O.N.U. Cadet march. 1880
words Cary L. Eby
composed by A. F. Atkin
respectfully dedicated to Lieut. John Baxter, Jr., U.S.A., Military Instructor, Ohio Normal University (Ada, Hardin County)
Published by the Author, Fayette, Ohio
copyrighted 1880 by A. F. Atkin

the following compositions are all in Rev. Rowley's The happy singer. Cleveland 1887
[Charles Elmore Rowley (Ohio, Red Line 25aug1843-8feb1927 Texas, Fort Worth), 1876 Professor vocal music teacher in Kenton Hardin County, 1880 Reverend minister in Ada Hardin County]

[] Come unto me. Hymn. 1886
words and music A. F. Atkin (Ada, Hardin County)

[] Not dead but sleepeth. Hymn
words Rev. C. E. Rowley
music A. F. Atkin (Ada, Hardin County)

[] Adoration. Hymn
words and music A. F. Atkin (Ada, Hardin County)

[] Praise the Lord. Hymn
words and music A. F. Atkin (Ada, Hardin County)

[] Christmas anthem
words and music A. F. Atkin (Ada, Hardin County)

[] Trio for female voices
music A. F. Atkin (Ada, Hardin County)

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