Atkins, Alphonze Paul 7.jul.1887-23.feb.1963 USA Iowa, Milton - Des Moines
saxophonist, bandmaster, no composer, dentist by profession, until 1912 residing with his parents at 1 Main Street in Milton, 1908 second bass saxophonist of the Colonial Saxophone Quartette in Des Moines, since 1909 musician in bands and orchestras at the annual Iowa State Fairs, 1912-1963 as dentist residing with his parents/widowed mother/alone at 3146 8th Street with office at 3714 6th Avenue in Des Moines Iowa, 1920 with a lodging hotel musician Helen Merrill, 13.dec.1918 enlisted in military service in the US Army, 1919-1961 bandmaster of the Argonne American Legion Post Band in Des Moines annually performing at the Iowa State Fair, 1925-1927 bandmaster of the Hapac Grotto Band, 1924-1934 bandmaster of the Za-Ga-Zig Temple of the Shrine Band, 1924 the members of the band presented him a new gold tenor saxophone after his was stolen while loaned to a player, 29.oct.1931 he resigned as bandmaster of the Drake University Band because he decided against band trips to football games in St Louis and California, he was a lifelong member of the Masonic Lodge Milton, he was buried at the Masonic Cemetery in Des Moines ; son of interior decorator employer James Carey Atkins (Milton 19.feb.1866-29.may.1931 Des Moines) and Fronabelle Dooley (Indiana, Corydon 1866-11.oct.1945 Des Moines) ; he never married

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no compositions found by A. Paul Atkins

[rem : in Rehrig/Bierley 1996 an "Ostwald Band March" is randomly attributed to Alphonze Paul Atkins, which is actually a composition by Otis V. Atkins]

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