Atkinson, G G 18??-f1861 England, ? - ?London
1861 active and probably residing in London, he collaborated with reverend William John Hall (1830-1910) who was active in music until 1875 working exclusively with London composers who all died in London : William Hawes (1785-1846), Alfred Jonathan Moxley (-1852), Charles Danvers Hackett (1812-1858), Joseph Netherclift (1792-1863), Joseph Surman (1803-1871), Joseph McMurdie (1792-1878), George Forbes (1813-1883), John Foster (1827-1915)

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Hall, William John 17.mar.1830-29.nov.1910 England, London - Kent, Eltham
 priest, canon, cardinal, 1849-1853 BA and 1857 MA from Trinity College, 18.dec.1853 ordained deacon and 24.dec.1854 priest, 1853-1860 canon of Hasfield Gloucestershire, 1861-1865 canon of Holy Trinity in London Tottenham, 1862-1910 minor canon of St Paul's Cathedral, 1881-1909 junior cardinal, 1909-1910 senior cardinal ; son of vicar of Tottenham and canon/cardinal of St Paul's Cathedral William John Hall (Middlesex 1793-16.dec.1861 London Tottenham) ; 9.aug.1864 at St Peter & St Paul in Godalming Surrey he married Isabella Frances Cooper (Sandleford 1844-9.may.1909 Brighton)

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[] The Abbey Bell, a collection of original Psalm and Hymn Tunes adapted to a selection of Psalms & Hymns by the Revd. W. J. Hall, also a hymn for Advent, Christmas Day, with single and double Chants, Responses, Glorias and a Sanctus, composed and arranged for four voices, piano forte or organ by G. G. Atkinson
words Reverend William John Hall
published London 1861
ms The British Library, London

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