Atkinson, Henry Christopher Daly 10.may.1920-20.feb.1992 England Lancashire, Blackpool - Derbyshire, Ashbourne
organist, cellist, pianist, received his first musical education as chorister at St Michael's College in Tenbury and Denstone College, then as pupil and assistant at Lichfield Cathedral, 1938-1943 organist/choirmaster of Allestree Parish Church in Derby, 1941-1948 director of music at Abbotsholme School, 1943 conductor of Daly Orchestra, 1943-1945 music master at Repton School, 1945 organist and master of the choristers at St Oswald Parisch Church in Ashbourne, 1945 conductor of Ashbourne Choral Society, 1948 of Ashbourne Operatic Society, 1948 director of music at Derby School, 1949-1992 residing at 3 Windmill Lane in Ashbourne ; son of locomotive engineer Henry Daly Atkinson (Royston Yorkshire 21.jul.1876-12.aug.1951 Ashbourne) and Marian Hannah Young (Ashbourne 6.may.1885-) ; 1944 in Ashbourne he married Ivy Myrtle Meaden (30.apr.1921-2004 Amber Valley, Derbyshire)

Title Parts

[] Drop, drop, slow tears. Anthem for treble solo, mixed choir and organ
music Christopher Daly Atkinson, words Phineas Fletcher
pub Oecumuse, London 1984

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