Attwood, Thomas 23.nov.1765-24.mar.1838 England, London - London Cheyne Walk near Chelsea
organist, 1796-1838 of St Paul's Cathedral in London

Title Parts

Turn thy face from my sins. Anthem. 1835
St Paul's Cathedral / John Scott. Hyperion 67087

Psalm 53 Dixit insipiens (The foolish body hath said in his heart). Choir and organ
St Paul's Cathedral Choir / John Scott, Andrew Lucas. Hyperion 11004

Psalm 66 O be joyful in God. Choir and organ
Norwich Cathedral Girls Choir / Julian Thomas, Thomas Leech

Psalm 84 O how amiable. Choir and organ
Chichester Cathedral / Alan Thurlow, Mark Wardell

Psalm 101, My song shall be of mercy and judgement. Choir and organ
Canterbury Cathedral, Andrew Parnell / David Flood

Psalm 119 vv57-64 Portio mea Domine. Choir and organ
Choir St Paul's Cathedral London / John Scott, Huw Williams. Hyperion 11011

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