Atze, Friedrich (Frederic) 17??-f1838 Germany, ? - ?, ?
organist, pianist, 1815 active in Breslau Germany (now Wroclaw Poland), until 1833 in Russia

Title Parts

[] Duo for piano and violin. op2
[] Polonaise. Piano. op9
pub Forster, Berlin

[] Grand polonaise dedicated to Amalie Korespa. op10
pub Forster and Hoffman, Breslau

[] Potpourri. Piano. op11
pub Forster, Berlin

[] Polonaise. Piano
pub Hofmeister, Leipzig

[] 6 Caprices. Piano
pub Bernard, St Petersburg 1833

[] Elegie in A. Piano
dediee aux manes du celebre J. N. Hummel
pub 1838

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