Atzler, Richard 27.nov.1880-8.apr.1937 Austria, Radkersburg - Graz
violinist, arranger, studied violin with Karl Krehahn at the school of Musikvereines fur Steiermark in Graz, 1899 violinist in the orchestra of the Graz Theatre, then as solo violinist at the Gartnerplatz Theater in Munchen Germany, then toured France, Belgium and the Netherlands, 1905 settled as conductor in Brussel, 1920 conductor of Brauerei Puntigam in Graz and violinist of the Graz City Orchestra, 1936 as composer member of Gesellschaft der Autoren, Komponisten und Musikverleger (AKM) Vienna, 1900-1930 numerous of his arrangements of light music, mainly for salon orchestra, were published exclusively by August Cranz Leipzig & Brussel, not a single original composition

Title Parts

[] A cakewalk in Uncle Tom's Cabin
pub E. Wende Co., Warsaw Poland c1905
[his only original composition, a light dance piece]

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