Aube, Paul Antoine 31.jul.1838-bef.26.aug.1898[bef.25.jan.1909] France, Toulon - ?, ?
trader, russian consul, amateur composer ; son of trader and russian consul Jules Vincent de Paul Aube (Toulon 1810-2.mar.1869 Toulon) and Rose Claire Rouquier (Toulon 1820-1.feb.1863 Toulon) ; 30.jul.1861 in Toulon he married Marie Rose Aline Bourgarel (Toulon 25.jul.1840-16.apr.1916 Toulon), divorced 14.mar.1887 ; 27.dec.1888 in Toulon he married Agnes Augustine Marie Thaust (Italy Liguria, Genes 25.jan.1854- ; 3.mar.1887 in Marseille divorced from former marriage) ; son of Paul and Agnes is the composer Lucien Marie Aube

Title Parts

[] Gheysa. Grand opera in 4 acts. l'Opera, Toulon 16jan1875
libretto Georges Wilson
Le Menestrel of 31 January 1875 reports it had been just premiered and the composer debuted with great success
Stieger says it was staged in Toulon February 1875, if this is correct than it was staged more than once

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