Auber, Jakub (Jakob) (Jacob) c1855-19?? Poland, Tarnow - ?, ?
violinist, music teacher, 1873-1881 studied under Georg Hellmesberger at the Conservatory of the Musikfreunde Wien in Vienna Austria, after graduation he settled in Vienna, for many years concertmaster of the Vienna Ringtheater orchestra, he founded his own school of music, one of his students was Fritz Kreisler ; son of conductor Leon Auber (c1830-1888 Tarnow) ; brother of Maurycy Auber

Title Parts

[] Edelsinn. Polka-Mazurka. Piano. op15
pub Kratochwill, Vienna 1875
pub Bosworth, Leipzig

[] Vocalia. Polka francaise. Piano. op18
pub Kratochwill, Vienna 1876
pub Bosworth, Leipzig

[] Goldfischchen. Polka mazurka
in Deutsche Musik-Zeitung, Vienna 1874

[] Biedersinn. Polka-Mazurka. Piano
pub Kratochwill, Vienna 1875

[] Blawatek. Polka francuska na fortepian
pub Smigus, Lwow Poland/Ukraine c1900

[] Huldigungs-Festmarsch. Piano
? music Jakob Auber or Stanislaw Auber
pub Bosworth, Leipzig

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