Auber, Maurycy (Maurice) 1862-1939 Poland, Tarnow - Tarnow
violinist, conductor of instrumental ensembles, music teacher, studied violin with his brother Jakob, studied violin, conducting and composition at the Conservatory of the Musikfreunde Wien in Vienna Austria, 1890 he became conductor and first violinist of the orchestra founded by his father Leon, which was later known as the Auber Brothers Orchestra, the orchestra performed at Tarnow theater and the summer seasons in Iwonicz-Zdroj, he collaborated with the Chaim Treitler Polish-Jewish Theater Society, he founded his own music school in Tarnow ; son of conductor Leon Auber (c1830-1888 Tarnow) ; brother of Jakob Auber

Title Parts

[] Pieszczotka (Das Liebchen). Walce na fortepian. op25
pub Karol Raschka, Tarnow Poland 1890

[] Le petit bijou. Valse pour piano. op25
pub Karol Raschka, Tarnow Poland 1892

[] Marzenia (Traumerei). Walce na fortepian. op26
pub Karol Raschka, Tarnow Poland c1895
pub Zygmunt Jelen, Tarnow Poland c1895

[] Souvenir de Zglobice. Valse. Piano. op90
dedication : Dediee a Madame Helene de Klobassa-Zrecka [of Zglobice in Tarnow County]
pub K. Trepte, Warsaw Poland c1900

[] Raz dokola. Walce na fortepian. op100
pub Zygmunt Jelen, Tarnow Poland c1910

[] Polonez Jubileuszowy. Piano
dedication : Ku uczczeniu 25 letniej dzielalnosci lekarskiej Wielmoznego Dra Klemensa Debickiego w Iwoniczu (To celebrate 25 years of medical work of the Honorable Dr. Klemens Debicki in Iwonicz)
pub Jos. Eberle & Co., 1903

[] Souvenir de Woyslaw. Walce na fortepian
pub Zygmunt Jelen, Tarnow Poland c1910

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