Aubuchon, Clifford 'Cliff' William 23.dec.1895-10.aug.1950 USA Missouri, St Louis - Pennsylvania, Sayre
pianist, guitarist, he could not read music and played the piano by ear, he fulfilled his military service in the Missouri State National Guard and 1917 recruited again for military service on the 111th ammunition train of the 35th Division in France, 1917 as broker residing at 2719 Tamm Avenue in St Louis, 1920 he worked in the advertizing department, 1935-1938 as director for the daily newspaper Star Times, 1930 residing with wife and daughter at 2166 Lawrence Street in St Louis, 1935-1940 as sales promotion counselor residing with wife and daughter at 44 Summit Avenue in St Louis Webster Groves, 15.jul.1950 retired as executive from the Prater Advertising Agency in St Louis and moved for health reasons (he had suffered from arteriosclerosis for years) with his family to Laceyville Pennsylvania, just days later he was hospitalized at the Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre where he died after 3 weeks from peritonitis ; son and only child of salesman confectionery/manager candy factory Charles L Aubuchon (22.jan.1864-29.jun.1935 St Louis) and Pauline A Miller (18.sep.1870-1.oct.1916 St Louis) ; 26.feb.1921 in St Louis he married Lucille Dorothy Frauenthal (31.may.1900-25.mar.1994 California) ; they had one child daughter Broadway actress Jean (St Louis 19.aug.1923-)

Title Parts

[] The green sheet blues. Fox trot. Voice and piano
pub The Star-Chronicle Publishing Co., St. Louis 14mar1925
played by Bud Fox broadcasted over Radio Station WIL, the St Louis Star and the Benson Radio Company, St Louis 14mar1925

[] Queen majestic radio
words and music Cliff W. Aubuchon
pub Benwood-Linze Co., St. Louis 1sep1929

[] Call for Caulfield. Voice and piano
words and music Cliff W. Aubuchon
pub Selling Inc., St. Louis 30jun1938

[] The National Guard is ready
copyright words and music Cliff Aubuchon 10aug1947
The song was selected 27sep1947 by the War Department in Washington as the official song of the National Guard.
He asked his friend Russ David, Post-Dispatch radio station KSD's orchestra leader to write down the notes while he played them slowly by ear on the piano

[] The National Guard march
arr. for band E. Leidzen
pub Dreyer Music Corp., New York 1947

[] The National Guard march
words and music Clifford Aubuchon
pub Dreyer Music Corp., New York 5dec1947

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