Audricourt, Paul 1881-15.aug.1900(obit) France, ? - ?Paris
poet, his name was often spelled wrongly Andricourt, collaborator of the revue Le Passe-Partout Paris, 5.aug.1900 Passe-Partout announced a Congres de la Chanson Francaise for September where he would have been a member of the committee, but shortly before 15.aug.1900 he died age 19 of peritonitis and left an already important literary baggage, in the monthly review La Vogue of 15.aug.1900 appeared his obituary : 'One of our youngest colleagues, Paul Audricourt, has just died almost suddenly. He had written a one-act play for the Maguera theater, which was his theatrical debut and which has just been published by La Vogue', Oeuvres posthumes de Paul Audricourt including his poem 'Au gre du reve' was published by Mouillot in Paris April 1902

Title Parts

[] Ave Maria
pub E. Coutarel, Paris

[] Amour moqueur [? Amour mon coeur (Love my heart)]
pub E. Coutarel, Paris

[] La Potion. Un acte. Theatre Maguera, Paris 14nov1900
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