Auer, Hermann (Herman) 19.mar.1848-2.may.1905 Germany or Switzerland, ? - USA NY, New York Bronx (bur)
pianist, organist, professor of music, 10.mar.1880 as musician emigrated with his wife and son from Rotterdam to the USA, teacher harmony and composition at the College of Music of Cincinnati, 21.oct.1881 as musician he contributed to the Journal of the Jewish Orphan Asylum Fair in Cincinnati, 1882-1883 as music teacher with studio at 174 Race Street, residing at 50 Everett Street in Cincinnati Ohio, 1884 agent for the Everett Piano in Tuscaloosa Alabama, 1886-1888 director of the music department of the Tuscaloosa Female College, 1891-1892 as silk manufacturer residing at 422 DeKalb Avenue in Brooklyn, 27.may.1891 organist of the Brooklyn Division at the Annual Sunday School Parade (170 schools, 67000 pupils and teachers), 1891-1892 organist and choirmaster of St Peter's Lutheran Church and organist of the Classon Avenue Presbyterian Church both in Brooklyn, 21.dec.1896 he was elected guardsman of the Columbia Lodge No.157 Order of the Golden Chain Brooklyn, 1897-1898 as silk salesman residing at 659 Park Place in Brooklyn ; son of Johannes Auer (Switzerland 6.oct.1813-) and Emma Elisa Henking (Switzerland, St Gallen 10.jan.1818-) ; 30.sep.1872 he married Eugenia Enrichetta Henking (Italy, Verona 16.dec.1853-27.jun.1946 New Jersey, Bogota) ; son Johann Herbert (Germany 28.nov.1876-11.sep.1900 Bronx (bur))

Title Parts
[] Am Garda See (On the Lake of Garda). Polka-Caprice. Piano. op19
dedication : To Emilin Henking of Verona
pub John Church & Co., Cincinnati 1880

[] La Nonchalance elegante. Polka-Caprice pour piano. op22
pub Fr. Portius, Leipzig 1881

[] Faust. Piano
music Charles Gounod, arr by Herman Auer
pub Root & Sons Co., Chicago 1881

[] Let us be merry while we may
contributed to the Journal of the Jewish Orphan Asylum Fair (? and performed at the Fair) in Cincinnati 25oct1881

[] Vineta
in Newhall's Apollo collection of quartets for male voices
pub George D. Newhall & Co., Cincinnati 1883
pub Biglow & Main, Chicago 1883

[] Apollo was a singer
in Newhall's Apollo collection of quartets for male voices
pub George D. Newhall & Co., Cincinnati 1883
pub Biglow & Main, Chicago 1883

[] Newhall's Apollo collection of quartets for male voices
compiled, adapted and edited by Herman Auer
pub George D. Newhall & Co., Cincinnati 1883 & 1886
pub Biglow & Main, Chicago 1883
As a free-born eagle
Vineta / Herman Auer
Rosebud and birdie sweet
Rifleman's love / Renner
Tailor courage / H. Behling
Santa Lucia
Thou art my dream / E. Kollner
The wayside well / R. Lyon
How dear to me / C. E. Hey
Forsaken am I / Thos. Koschat
Requiem / arr. from F. Schubert
Wandering / Wilhelm Speidel
The bard's battle-cry
Serenade / arr. from C. M. von Weber
A soldier am I / Heinrich Marschner
The lover's caution / T. Koschat
Peace of mind / Steinacker
The warrior's farewell / Johann Kinkel
The chase / Ch. Gounod
Prayer from Freischuetz / arr. from C. M. von Weber
When softly the moonbeams
The tailors' fair
Lacrymosa / arr. from Mozart's Requiem
I hail thee, gentle flower / I. Barnby
Superstition / Thomas Koschat
The nightingale
Morning song / C. Attenhofer
Blue bells of Scotland
Hearty old oak/ R. Lyon
Happy spring-time/ R. Lyon
She sleeps, my lady sleeps / R. Lyon
Choral and hymn / George Joseph Vogler
The linden tree / Franz Schubert
Ecce quam bonum. True love / Carl Goetze
Come back to me / R. Lyon
Hope / R. Lyon
Summer tide / R. Lyon
What ails thee, my dearest / Thomas Koschat
Night song / Carl Rheinecke
Great Orpheus was a fiddler / A. C. Mackenzie
Lift thine eyes / Mendelssohn
Fiery blood
City boy and alpine lass! / Thos. Koschat
Weel I mind the days
Hark! the merry drum / Krugh
Auf Wiedersehn / Ludwig Liebe
May I love the girls
The merry June bug / C. Isenmann
The evening bell / Renner
America / H. Carey
Dirge / Graun
My winsome lassie!
Song of praise / L. v. Beethoven
Parting / Fred. Moehring
Vale carissima / Thomass
Toast / Abt
Waltz / Carl Zoellner
Mary of Argyle
Oft in the stilly night
Barley bright / R. Lyon
O love divine / Mendelssohn
My home, my beautiful home / V. E. Becker
Apollo was a singer / Herman Auer
[] On lofty heights. Piano
pub Root & Sons Co., Chicago 1885

[] Rushing, gushing rivulet
pub Root & Sons Co., Chicago 1885

[] Ekkehard. Oratorio. 1884-1888
(140 pages, taking over an hour to perform)
selected out of 47 competitors to be performed by a choir of four hundred with the 80-member Theodore Thomas Orchestra at the 12th annual meeting of the Music Teachers National Association in Chicago 3-6 July 1888

[] Day of Resurrection. Introit to the Holy Communion
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston
performed at St. Paul's Cathedral in Buffalo NY, Easter 18apr1897

[] The invincible opera folio, for four hands. The gems from standard and favorite operas arranged for two players. Piano 4 hands
arranged by Herman Auer
pub John Church Co., Cincinnati 1904
Lohengrin / Wagner
William Tell / Rossini
Faust / Gounod
Der Freischutz / Weber
Masaniella / Auber
Rigoletto / Verdi
Sonnambula / Bellini
Stradella / Flotow
Martha / Flotow
Belisario / Donizetti
Lucia di Lammermoor / Donizetti
[] Christ hath risen
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

[] Lift your glad voices
pub Oliver Ditson, Boston

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