Auerbach, Herbert Samuel 4.oct.1882-19.mar.1945 USA Utah, Salt Lake City - Salt Lake City
jewish mining engineer, violinist, songwriter, 1900 studied at the Conservatory of Music in Lausanne Switzerland, 1911 president of Auerbach Company, vice-member of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers ; son of businessman Samuel H Auerbach (Germany, Fordon 15.jun.1847-4.jun.1920 New York) and musician Eveline S Brooks (California, Oroville 16.nov.1859-16.nov.1924 Salt Lake City) ; he never married

Title Parts

[] Deep in the chapel of my heart. Song
[] Have faith, ye saints. Song
[] Jenny Lee. Song
[] When it's midnight on the range. Waltz song
arr. for dance orchestra Elbert Brown
pub George F. Briegel, New York 1936

[] The prophets farewell
in the LDS Hymn Book

[] I am a Mormon missionary
in the LDS Hymn Book

[] In the mountain tops appearing
in the LDS Hymn Book

[] In Thy temple great Jehovah
in the LDS Hymn Book

[] Songs of Zion
in the LDS Hymn Book

[] Have faith ye saints
in the LDS Hymn Book

[] To every heart must come some sorrow. Voice and organ
words and music Herbert S. Auerbach
performed at his funeral by Jessie Evan Smith and Frank W. Asper. Assembly Hall Temple Square, Salt Lake City

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