Auerbach, Max 23.jan.1872-1965 Germany, Breslau (now Poland, Wroclaw) - Bad Homburg vor der Hohe
pianist, studied at the Magdalenen Gymnasium in Breslau, 1887-1890 studied music at Leipzig Conservatory, 1890 studied composition with Max Bruch at the University of Breslau, 1890-1892 studied composition with Heinrich von Herzogenberg in Berlin, 1893-1895 accompanist at the Stadttheater in Breslau, 1896-1897 at the Opera House in Frankfurt am Main, 1897-1898 accompanist and conductor at the Stadttheater in Elberfeld, 1898 concert master and piano teacher in Breslau, director of the Bach Vereinigung in Breslau ; son of doctor of medicin Leopold Auerbach (Breslau 27.apr.1828-30.sep.1897 Breslau) and Arabella Hess (Kassel 1838-2.jul.1896 Breslau) ; 1898 he married teacher Kathe Reisner (1871-1940) ; 1925 he married Grete Falkenberg

Title Parts

[] Ich muss wieder fliegen. Singstimme mit pianoforte
words Mackay
pub Ries & Erler, Berlin 1896

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