Aufderheide, Mary 'May' Frances (fem) 21.may.1888-1.sep.1972 USA Indiana, Indianapolis - California, Los Angeles Pasadena
ragtime pianist, 1912 ceased composing after her marriage ; daughter of mortgage broker John Henry Aufderheide (Indianapolis 10.feb.1865-30.aug.1941 Indianapolis) and Lucy May Deel (Indianapolis 30.jun.1869-21.jan.1941 Indianapolis) ; 25.mar.1908 in Indianapolis she married broker Thomas Millikan Kaufman (Indiana, Newcastle 26.sep.1883-15.dec.1960 Los Angeles)

Title Parts

[] Dusty rag. Piano. 1908
[] Richmond rag. Piano. 1908
published by her father John H. Aufderheide in Richmond Indiana

[] The thriller rag. Piano, double bass and percussion. 1909
[] Buzzer rag. Piano. 1909
[] Pelham waltzes. Piano
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