Auge Vila, Miquel 20.sep.1885-31.jul.1936 Spain Barcelona, Manresa - Manresa
organist, priest, did clerical studies at the seminaries of Vic and Barcelona, 18.oct.1909 ordained priest, studied music with Domenech Mas y Serracant and Francesc Baldello, 1911 organist of the parish church Santa Maria in Igualada, 1917 organist of the parish church in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, 1919 organist and choirmaster of Manresa Cathedral

Title Parts

[] Viva Jesus. Voice and organ. 1909
[] Rosario. 2vv and organ. 1911
[] Tantum ergo. 2vv and organ. 1912
[] Beatus vir. Voice, violins, cello, double bass and organ. 1920
[] Misa de requiem. 3vv, violins, viola and double bass. 1925
[] Ave Maria. Voice and organ
[] Salve regina. 3vv, violins, flute, double bass and organ
[] Te Deum. 3vv and orgam
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