August, Wilfried 1958- Germany, Kusel Pfalz
pianist, 1965 at the age of 6 began his musical career, 1973 began to compose, 1980 when paralysed after an accident he had to give up the piano for some years, studied at the Schiller International University in Strassbourg, 1985-2009 took regular lessons in composition with Herrmann Schafer at the Musikhochschule Mannheim-Heidelberg, 1995-2015 for over twenty years member of the ESG Kammermusikkreis in Heidelberg, after sixteen years of piano lessons he is an outstanding pianist today

Title Parts

[] Thema mit 7 variationen
ESG Kammermusikkreis, Heidelberg 2013

[] Walzer
ESG Kammermusikkreis, Heidelberg 2013/2014

[] Thema mit vier variationen "Damonischer Sonnenschein"
ESG Kammermusikkreis, Heidelberg 2014

[] Die dunkle zeit. Gemalde
ESG Kammermusikkreis, Heidelberg 2014/2015

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