Aumont, Louis duc d' 19.jun.1667-6.apr.1723 France, ? - Paris
duc d'Aumont, marquis de Villequier, premier gentilhomme de la chambre du roi, 1712 French ambassador to England in London, 1713 he held some of the very first masquerades in England at Somerset House ; son of the french army officer Louis Marie Victor duc d'Aumont (Paris 9.dec.1632-19.mar.1704 Paris) and Madeleine Le Tellier (1646-22.jun.1668) ; 17.dec.1690 he married Olympe de Brouilly marquise de Piennes (1661-21.oct.1723 Passy)

Title Parts

[] Wit and mirth or, pills to purge melancholy, being a collection of the best merry ballads and songs, old and new. Fitted to all humours, having each their proper tune for either voice or instrument, most of the songs new set (by Thomas d'Urfey)
pub printed by W. Pearson for J. Tonson, London 1719-1720
including a composition by d'Aumont
[] Duke d'Aumont's Minuet
music Louis duc d'Aumont (1667-1723)
dance performed at a masquerade he hosted during his time in London c1713
in The Ladys Banquet. Being a choice collection of the newest & most airy lessons for the harpsicord or spinnet together with the most noted minuets, jiggs, and french dances, perform'd at court, the theatre and publick entertainments, all set by the best masters. Third Book
pub John Walsh, London 1720

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