Austen Guthrie, Augusta Amherst 2.aug.1827-5.aug.1877 England, London Marylebone - Scotland, Glasgow
organist, hymn tune composer, 7.aug.1827 baptized at St Marylebone as Augusta Amherst as daughter of linendraper John Austen and Mary, studied piano with Lucy Phillpot Anderson at the Royal Academy of Music London, 1844-1848 organist of Ealing Church in London, 1848-1857 organist of Paddington Chapel in London, at time of death residing at 6 Phillimore Gardens in London Kensington ; 11.jul.1855 at St Mary in Paddington she married tailor Thomas Anstey Guthrie (Truro 26.may.1822-14.feb.1889 London Kensington) ; son novelist and author of 'Vice Versa' Thomas Anstey Guthrie jr (Kensington 8.aug.1856-10.mar.1934 Kensington)

Title Parts

[] St Agnes. Hymn
published in Charles Steggall's Church Psalmody 1849

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