Austen, Thomas Reeve 29.mar.1913-26.nov.1985 Canada Saskatchewan, Saskatoon - British Columbia, Campbell River
1916-1921 as only child residing with his parents in Saskatoon, 4.jul.1916 with his parents he visited his grandfather Reeve in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, 1935 BM from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon where he was still living, 1957 as salesman residing with wife Mrs. Thomas R Austen in Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia, 1962 as teacher residing with wife Mary at 1925 Carruthers Street in Kelowna on Okanagan Lake British Columbia, 1965 as teacher residing with wife Mary in Campbell River, 1968 as teacher residing with wife Mary and student Miss Betty Austen in Campbell River, 1974 as musical director residing with wife Mary in Campbell River, 1978 the British Columbia Teachers' Federation reported his retirement as teacher in Campbell River ; son of postal clerk Edwin Hewitt Austen (England Sussex, Udimore 13.nov.1882-25.dec.1971 British Columbia, Surrey) and Bessie Emma Reeve (Toronto York 22.apr.1874-7.feb.1955 Vancouver New Westminster) ; he married Mary ; daughter Betty

Title Parts

[] The keel row. Northumbrian folk tune, 18th century. Two pianos
music Thomas R. Austen
pub Galaxy Music Corp., New York 2may1939
copyright renewal Thomas R. Austen 14nov1966

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