Austin ne Shutvet, Albert 'Al' Austen 21.jul.1883-25.sep.1954 USA Wisconsin, Springdale - Dodgeville
bandmaster, photographer by profession, he was the only one in the family who took the name Austin, 1920 as photograper with own studio residing at Main Street in Mount Horeb Wisconsin, 1923 bandmaster of the Mt. Horeb Band, 27/28/29.sep.1923 he led the Mt. Horeb Band and the Mt. Horeb Junior Band in concerts and contests on the main platform on Main Street in the Mt. Horeb Harvest Festival, 25/26/27.sep.1924 he arranged the games and stunts for the 4th Annual Harvest Festival which were always accompanied by the Mt. Horeb Band, 1930-1942 as photograher with photo shop residing at 311 Academy Street in Mount Horeb, 4.apr.1943 chairman of the program committee for the Mt. Horeb Fall Frolic, he was buried at Mount Horeb Union Cemetery ; son of Austen C Shutvet (Mount Horeb 19.jun.1844-2.aug.1900 Mount Horeb) and Anna Amundsdatter Wold (Norway, Lom 9.apr.1849-28.jan.1917 Mount Horeb) ; 7.feb.1923 in Mount Horeb he married Hattie Marie Grinde (Mount Horeb 15.dec.1892-21.apr.1940 Mount Horeb) ; they had no children

Title Parts

[] La Ritana. Waltzes
arr. for orchestra E. De Lamater
pub M. L. Carlson, Chicago 30sep1914

[] Royal message march
arr. for band Ed. Chenette of Chicago
pub Al. Austin, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin before 16dec1926

[] (details unknown) several Mt. Horeb school songs. before 16dec1926
[] Young America. March
arr. for band Ed. Chenette of Chicago
pub Al. Austin, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin 6dec1926

[] Coral Island love song
copyright words and music Norman Stevens Marclay and Al Austin 20apr1951
copyright on revision words and new music Norman Stevens Marclay

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