Austin, Frederic William 30.mar.1872-10.apr.1952 England, London Poplar - London Kensington
baritone, studied theory and piano with his mother Emily Hunt and his uncle William Hunt, studied organ with Henry Grimshaw in Birkenhead and voice with Charles Lunn in London, he was organist of several churches in Liverpool, 1902 debuted as singer in London, 1906 made his operatic debut at Covent Garden London, until 1906 teacher at the Liverpool College of Music, 1915-1920 singer in the Beecham Opera Company, 1924-1929 artistic director of the British National Opera Company ; brother of Ernest ; father of Richard

Title Parts

[] Spring. Symphonic rhapsody. Promenade Concerts, London 1907
[] Symphony in E. 1913
[] Songs of unrest. 1913
[] The knight of the burning pestle. Kingsway Theatre, London 1920
including music by other composers
libretto Beaumont and Fletcher

[] The beggar's opera. 1728
libretto John Gay, music John Gay and Johann Pepusch
adaptation by Frederic Austin 1920
- A fox may steal your hens, Sir
- O Ponder well
- Pretty Polly, say
- My heart was so free
[] Pervigilium veneris. Choir. Leeds Festival 1931
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