Austin, Grace Leadenham (fem) 5.apr.1879-28.nov.1952 USA Pennsylvania, Weatherly - Florida, Palm Beach
pianist, lyricist, 1880-1920 residing in East Orange New Jersey, graduated from Virgil Piano Conservatory New York, studied voice under Oscar Saenger and Romano Romani, composition under William Reddick and Dr. M Richardson, operatic roles with Milton Aborn, 1950 she resided at 965 Fifth Avenue in New York City during the winters and at 223 Colonial Lane in Palm Beach during the summers, her songs were in the repertoire of Mary Bothwell and Elizabeth Crawford, her choral works were sung by the Orpheus Glee Club of Flushing, the Bankers Glee Club of New York, the Bel Canto Club of Newburgh and the Apollo Boys Choir of Dallas ; daughter of banker John Austin (NY, Catskill 6.jul.1841-30.oct.1885 East Orange) and Florence Elizabeth Leadenham (Pennsylvania jun.1862-) ; she never married

Title Parts

[] The little white cottage. Song
her first published song
pub G. Schirmer, New York 1930

[] O whistle a song. Choir. 1934
[] Rain at night. Female choir and piano
words Anna E. Williams
pub J. Fischer, New York 1934

[] Let us sing a new song. Choir. 1934
[] At eventime. Choir. 1935
words and music Grace Leadenham Austin
pub J. Fischer, New York 1937

[] Ma' cabin in the pine trees. Song. 1935
[] Your tears. Song. 1939
words Edwin Markham

[] Revelation. Song. 1939
words Edwin Markham

[] Mammy's baby chile. Song. 1940
[] The sleeping swan. Choir. 1941
[] The silver dream ship. Choir. 1946
[] The old white goose. Choir. 1947
[] The soul undaunted. Song
words Robert Browning

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