Austin, John William 25.mar.1866-16.sep.1938 England, Birmingham - Worcester
violinist, principal violin of the Worcester Festival Choral and Orchestral Societies, conductor of the Worcester Symphony Society and Glee Club, conductor of the County and City Mental Hospital Orchestra, musical director of Theatre Royal Worcester, violin master of the Bromsgrove School, friend and editor for 40 years of Edward Elgar, club member of ISM and the Royal Society of Registered Teachers, 1934 residing at Cecilia Villa on 32 Arboretum Road in Worcester ; son of music and book seller John William Austin (Cheltenham 21.aug.1843-21.jan.1905 Worcester) and Maria Mason (Birmingham 1841-14.oct.1920 Worcester) ; 29.nov.1887 at St Mary's in Worcester he married Mary Ann Price (Worcester St Clements 15.aug.1864-23.oct.1950 Worcester)

Title Parts

[] My baby coon. Song
words Ernest Lock
pub Austin's Music Warehouse, Worcester 1903

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