Austin, Robert Priestley 7.jan.1914-11.apr.1982 England, Birmingham Kings Norton - Birmingham Edgbaston
organist, pianist, choirmaster, town planner and architect, studied mineralogy at Birmingham University, self-taught in music, 1932 organist and 1943 also choirmaster of the Church of the Messiah in Birmingham, 1936-1939 he gave many 2-piano broadcasts with Jane Minton, 1941 musical director of the Midland Organisation for Troop Entertainment giving over 100 voluntary performances, at time of death residing at 49 Chancellars Close ; 1939 in Birmingham he married soprano singer Eileen Markham (Kings Norton 1916-)

Title Parts

[] Silver moon. 1938
music R. Austin - ? Robert
ms The British Library, London

[] Dedicated to you. 1944
copyright words and music Robert Austin 18may1944
copyright renewal words and music Robert Austin 9aug1971

[] Psalm CXXII for Victory in Europe Day. Choir. 1945
[] The Night. Soprano, choir and chamber orchestra
[] The Hill. Song cycle
words Rupert Brooke

[] All on a summer's day. Song cycle
[] Malade imaginaire. Incidental music for Moliere's play
[] Concert for string quartet and orchestra
[] Dream dance. String orchestra
[] Three fantasies and scherzo on folksongs for broadcast variety orchestra
[] Introduction and Allegro moderato. Piano and chamber orchestra
[] Concert for piano and strings
[] Nursery waltz. Piano and strings
[] Elegy. String octet
[] Piano quintet
[] String quartet
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