Austin, William Weaver 18.jan.1920-15.mar.2000 USA Oklahoma, Lawton - New York, Ithaca
musicologist, amateur pianist and composer, 1939 AB, 1940 MA and 1951 DM from Harvard University, professor of musicology, he contributed to the Musical Quarterly, 1976 professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, 1975 he published 'Songs of Stephen C Foster', as a hobby he composed songs and choruses mainly arrangements ; 20.jun.1942 in Philadelphia he married Elizabeth Jane Hallstrom (Philadelphia 25.nov.1918-7.jun.2005 Ithaca) ; son Stephen Foste C Austin

Title Parts

[] Vocal works in manuscript 1952-1962 (songs and piano, choruses and piano)
ms Cornell University, Ithaca
[] - Earth and sky. for two-part chorus and keyboard accompaniment, text Eleanor Farjeon
[] - Mendacity, text A. E. Coppard
[] - Ballad of the goodly fere, text Ezra Pound
[] - L'invitation au voyage, for baritone, with strings and bells, poem Baudelaire
[] - The smile of Eve, text Robert Graves
[] - Two spells, text Kathleen Raine
[] - Bootless speculations, text Phyllis McGinley
[] - A Christmas hymn, text Richard Wilbur
[] A sonnet. Baritone voice and viola
dedication : Elliott W Galkin
poem by Marshall Schacht
ms Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore 1953

[] Let all the world in ev'ry corner sing. Mixed voices SATB
pub Summy-Birchard, Evanston Illinois 1967

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