Wilson, Florence Mary (ka Florence Austral) 26.apr.1892-16.may.1968 Australia, Melbourne Richmond - Newcastle
soprano, studied at Melbourne Conservatory, 1923 debuted as Brunnhilde in the complete Ring des Nibelungen with the British National Opera Company at Covent Garden in London, 1925 debuted in the USA ; she married the flutist John Amadio ne John Bell Taylor

Title Parts

[] Remember the swallows. pub 1941
ms The British Library, London

[] Album of five songs
pub Paterson's Publications, Glasgow 1934
ms The British Library, London
[] 1 - Across the hills. words M. Lee
[] 2 - Joy of my heart. words Dr. R. Couper
[] 3 - Oh, Mistress mine. words Shakespeare
[] 4 - The Return. words W. C. Keay
[] 5 - The Spell. words W. C. Keay
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