Autoriello 'Autori', Franco 29.apr.1903-16.oct.1990 Italy, Naples - USA Oklahoma, Tulsa
conductor, studied piano with Lanza, violin with Parmiciano and composition with Antonio Savasta and Salvatore Sassano at Ginnasio Liceo Giambattista Vico in Naples, 1921 debuted as conductor at Teatro Mercadante in Naples, 23.dec.1928 emigrated from Montreal Canada to the USA, 1928-1929 conductor of the Pennsylvania Grand Opera in Philadelphia, 11.feb.1929 he filed his first petition for naturalization, 1929-1932 orchestral conductor of the Chicago Civic Opera Company, 1933 conductor of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, 1934-1936 conductor of the New York Civic Orchestra, 1935 residing at 250 West 75th Street in New York Bronx, 13.apr.1936 in New York he became naturalized American, 1936-1945 conductor of the Buffalo Philharmonic in Buffalo NY usually performing at Kleinhans Music Hall, 1942 residing at 433 Franklin Street, 1944-1948 conductor of the orchestra in Chautauqua NY 1947 he visited Italy, 1949-1955 associate conductor of the New York Philharmonic, 1956 residing at 680 West End Avenue in New York he visited Argentina Buenos Aires and Brazil Rio de Janeiro, 1958 conductor at Teatro Comunale in Bologna, 1961-1971 conductor of the Tulsa Philharmonic, 1979-1983 music teacher at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa ; 26.jul.1928 in Milan Italy he married opera singer Paola Lawn (NJ, Newark 29.mar.1902-5.jul.1946 NY, Buffalo) ; 12.jan.1948 in Warsaw he married pianist Lygia Berezynska (Poland, Warsaw 16.mar.1913-), 1992 still living in Tulsa)

Title Parts

[] Five Italian folksongs. Orchestra
published 16 Jun 1965

(details unknown). Transcriptions for orchestra including from works by Corelli, Frescobaldi and Gabrieli, before 1950
[] Tum tum Ninna-nanna. Radio-opera
parole di Pino Masnata, musica di Carmine Guarino, of Italy
copyright Franco Autori, Chicago 10sep1931

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