Avant, Thomas sr. 1811-31.oct.1886 England Devon, Dawlish - Exeter
organist, organ builder, 1839-1846 printer and music seller in Dawlish, 1848-1880 professor of music in Bridport Walditch Dorset, 1865-1871 organist of St Mary's Church in Bridport, 1861-1881 organ and piano tuner at East Road and 6 Downe Street in Bridport, at time of death residing at 7 Bridgestreet ; 8.nov.1834 at St Mary Steps in Exeter he married Jane Crabb (Exeter 1812-1886 Exeter) ; children composer Thomas Crabb Avant (Dawlish 1835-), Mary Jane (Dawlish 1838-), Frederick James (Dawlish 1842-), Anna Maria (Dawlish 1846-), teacher of music Caroline Crabb Avant (Bridport 1848-), William Henry (Bridport 1851-)

Title Parts

the following compositions are by Thomas Avant, unknown which are by Thomas senior and which by Thomas junior
[] La victoire. Galop de concert. op4
pub Augener & Co., London

[] Harp of the winds. op5
pub Augener & Co., London

[] Il Trovatore. Fantaisie brillante sur l'opera de Verdi, pour le piano
pub London 1857

[] Warschau. Melodie marzurque, pour le piano
pub London 1857

[] Oh! summer time is the time for me! Summer ballad
words by R. Brown
pub London 1857

[] Fantasie brillante, on the popular Scotch air My boy Tommy. Piano
pub London 1858

[] Fantaisie elegante on the Blue Bells of Scotland
pub London 1859

[] What are the green trees saying? Ballad
poetry by R. Brown
pub London 1859

[] Volunteer rifle march. Piano
pub London 1860

[] Garibaldi "God speed thee". Song
the words by W. C. Templer
pub London 1860

[] Jour de Fete. Caprice pour piano
pub London 1862

[] La Glissante. Mazurka pour piano
pub London 1864

[] Mabel's reason why
the words by Miss Saunders
pub E. Ascherberg & Co., London 1870

[] Soldier rest! why warfare o'er. Song from Sir W. Scott's Lady of the Lake
pub London 1870

[] Le Papillon, grande valse brillante pour piano
pub London 1873

[] Fairy buds. Mazurka brillante de salon for the piano
pub Edwin Ashdown Ltd., London 1876

[] La Senora. Grande valse brillante for the piano
pub Edwin Ashdown Ltd., London 1877

[] The cottager to her child. Song
the poetry by Wordsworth
pub London 1878

[] Slow movement from Chopin's fourth book of Studies, arranged for the organ
pub Edwin Ashdown Ltd., London 1880

[] Corinne. Morceau de salon pour le piano
pub Jefferys Ltd., London 1881

[] In Dreams. Song
the words by R. Brown
pub C. Jefferys, London 1883

[] The life of a bird
pub Augener & Co., London
[] 1 - The captive, song of sorrow
[] 2 - Freedom, song of joy
[] La souplesse. Caprice elegant. Piano
pub Edwin Ashdown Ltd., London

[] My bonnie soldier lad
pub E. Ascherberg & Co., London

[] 4 Favourite movements (Andantes). Organ
pub Leonard & Co., London
[] 1 - Sympathie
[] 2 - Faith
[] 3 - Penitence
[] 4 - Hope
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