Avdori, Chanan (Ladendorf, Horst) 1902-1965 Germany, Konigsberg (now Russia, Kaliningrad) - Israel, Givad Ada
violinist, actor, studied at the Academy of Arts of Konigsberg, ative as violinist, composer and actor in Konigsberg, c1931 he was invited by Max Reinhardt to work as actor in Berlin, 1933 emigrated to Israel, co-founder of the short-lived Hebrew Theatre in Haifa, actor in several plays at the Haifa Municipal Theatre and two at the Cameri Theatre in Ohel Tel Aviv, with his wife Henriette Eva 'Hannah' Ladendorf, a professional singer, he founded a theatre in Givad Ada, he died after a heart attack during rehearsals for 'Fiddler on the Roof' at the Giora Godik Theatre

Title Parts

[] Eine kleine musik fur Arieh und Erna. Piano. 1952
dedication: Arieh Sachs (writer/composer)
ms National Library of Israel, Jerusalem

[] Violin concerto
[] Biblical suite on the Book of Ruth
[] Monsieur de Pourceauguac. Incidental music
words Moliere

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