Ave Lallemand (Lallemant), Friedrich Johann Philipp 20.apr.1774-28.mar.1853 Germany, Magdeburg - Lubeck
pianist, organist, studied music with Jan Ladislav Dussek in Magdeburg, 1806 after the battle of Jena his family (parents) moved to Lubeck, music teacher in Lubeck, 1.apr.1822 organist of Lubeck Cathedral ; son of the french scholar Andre Pauly Lexius 'Pierre' Ave Lallemant (Sint Hubert Brabant 2.mar.1744-24.apr.1794 Magdeburg) and Anna Margarethe Catherine Magdalena Schuster (Magdeburg 4.apr.1752-18.nov.1828 Lubeck) ; brother of composer Jakob Ave Lallemand

Title Parts

[] Fantaisie en forme de variations sur un theme de l'opera "Der sanger und der schneider". Piano. op1
pub A. Cranz, Hamburg

[] Funf wiegenlieder. op2
pub A. Cranz, Hamburg

[] Divertissements en forme de danses, pour le piano forte. Livre 1-2
pub A. Cranz, Hamburg 1831

[] A grand waltz, for the piano forte
dedication : most respectfully dedicated to Mrs. C. E. Habicht by Messrs. Comer & Ostinelli
pub Parker & Ditson, Boston 1836

[] 6 Valses pour pianoforte a 4 mains
pub A. Cranz, Hamburg 1837

[] Amusements en forme de danses. Piano. Livre 1-2
pub A. Cranz, Hamburg

[] Brillante walzer und ecossaisen. Piano. Nr. 1-6
pub A. Cranz, Hamburg

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