Avery, Stanley Robert 14.dec.1879-17.sep.1967 USA NY, Yonkers - Minnesota, Minneapolis
organist, choral conductor, studied organ with Charles Heinroth, Will C Macfarlane, Hans Grunicke in Berlin, composition with Edward MacDowell at Columbia University, Hans Pfitzner in Berlin, choral conducting with George Edward Stubbs, 1898-1910 organist/choirmaster of St Andrew's Memorial Church Yonkers, 1910-1950 of St Mark's Episcopal Church Minneapolis ; son of John Avery (Massachusetts 1831-) and Annie Corinne Hodge (New York 1848-) ; 1913 in Minneapolis he married Elizabeth Bruchholz (Minneapolis 6.dec.1884-15.dec.1975 Minneapolis)

Title Parts

[] Katrina. Comic opera. Minneapolis 1915. op40
[] A joyous prelude. Scherzo for orchestra. 1915. op41
[] The piper. Incidental music to the play by Josephine Preston Peabody. op48
[] Taming of the shrew. Overture for orchestra. op49
[] Festoso. Organ. 1919. op57/1
[] Scherzo in G. Organ
[] Salutation. Violin, cello, piano and organ
[] The merry mexican. Operetta
[] Ichabod Crane or The legend of Sleepy Hollow. Comic opera
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