Wincott, Selim Avolo (stage name Selim Avolo) bap.4.dec.1870-a1953 Portugal, Oporto - ?England, ?London Lambeth
xylophonist, as British citizen born in Oporto and baptized at the British Chapel there, 1871 his family returned to London, by 1893 he had formed his xylophone trio the Avolos, 25.apr.1896 arrived with his wife and his trio members from Southampton at New York, the week of 20.apr.1896 the Avolos trio debuted at the Music Hall of Hammerstein's Olympia Theatre on Broadway New York, he made his own instruments of 30 year old rosewood, 1900 as musician residing in Lambeth, 1907 he was called Selim Avolo of the Avoloses, the xylophone experts, 14.may.1920 he arrived at New York from a trip to Oporto Portugal and La Plata Argentina with his son Charles Selim and his brother Edward (all artist), 14.jul.1924 arrived from New York at Southampton, 1924 residing with his son and his brother (all actor) at 32 Shaftesbury Avenue in London, 1928 residing at 24 Gresham Road in Lambeth, 1951-1953 residing with his son and his brother at 39 Gresham Road ; son of professor of gymnastics Charles Avolo Wincott (London 1850-5.feb.1915 Surrey, Brixton) and Gertrude Agnes Bridges (Lambeth 30.aug.1846-13.oct.1888 Liverpool) ; 27.jul.1893 at Holy Trinity Church in London Lambeth he married Lillian Josephine Jee (New York City 1874-1913 London) of the 'Musical Jees'

Title Parts

[] Big guns.March and two-step. Piano
dedication : Dedicated to my friends Polk & Kollins
"By S. Avolo of the xylophone Avolos, as played by them with unprecedented success"
pub Howley, Haviland & Dresser, New York City 1901

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