Avotri, Kenneth Kafui Kwaku 25.jul.1951- Ghana, Hohoe
violinist, organist, choirmaster, 1975 diploma in music from the University of Ghana in Accra Legon, 1968-1972 organist of Kpando Secondary School, 1968 organist and 1972 choirmaster of Hohoe Evangelical Presbyterian Church, 1974 organist of Madina Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Accra, music teacher at the Institute of African Studies University of Ghana, 1976 residing in Accra Legon

Title Parts

[] Yehowafe lolo lolo. Choir. 1973
[] Hadzidzi vivie nuto. Choir. 1973
[] Dzifo gbowo na vu. Choir and orchestra. 1974
[] Mawu fe gbogbo. Choir and orchestra. 1975
also recorded

[] Quintet. 1975
also recorded

[] Rhapsody. Orchestra. 1976
also recorded

[] Nutifafa. Choir
[] Midoto. Choir
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