Avramides, John Bey 18??-19?? Greece, ? - ?, ?
amateur musician and composer, 1902 active in Budapest Hungary, 1912 active member of the kaiserlich koniglicher Union-Yacht-Club branch association Traunsee Austria, 1900-1938 residing in Krondorf-Sauerbrunn in Bohemia (now Korunni kyselka Czechoslovakia) where he was operations manager of a mineral water filling plant, he notified specialists several times of the occurrence of the rare Aesculapian snake in the area (e.g. Reinhardt 1938)

Title Parts

[] Zwei Lieder. op3
pub Musikverlagshaus
[] 1 - Mein lied, mein alles
[] 2 - Heimat, mein lust und qual.
[] Albumblatt. Violin and piano. op4
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest

[] Schilflied "Druben geht die sonne scheiden" . Singstimme mit pianoforte. op5
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1903

[] Romanze. Violin and piano. op6
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1905

[] An die Kunst "Ich singe nicht dem heere der sterne". Singstimme mit pianoforte
pub E. Porges, Dresden 1899

[] An die Kunst. Lied. Flugelhorn mit orchester
pub E. Porges, Dresden 1899

[] Kontor Elek tollabol. Udvozlo dal. Children's choir, violin or cello and piano
composed for the Istvan Szecskay children's choir of Budapest
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1902

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