Avrech, Dina (fem) 1928- Israel Palestine, Tel Aviv
singer, pianist, received her first music lessons from Rivka Chertok-Hoz, studied at the Academy of Music in Vienna, studied with Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli in Italy, Sergiu Celibidache was her mentor and friend, April 1954 she debuted in a concert conducted by Celibidache, she sang with the Galiera Orchestra, the Tel Aviv Philharmonic and gave recitals broadcasted on Israel Radio

Title Parts

[] Le-halhin be-gil shesh. 11 Keta'im ketsarim li-fesanter she-hulhanu be-yaldut (Composing at six. 11 Short piano pieces composed at childhood, intermediate). 1933-1935
played by Dina Avrech at the age of six, the notes written down by Rivka Chertok-Hoz
pub Israel Music Institute, Tel-Aviv 1987

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